Submitted as part of the ArtCenter Game Jam 2021, by Team NARF. Made on Godot Game Engine.

Summary: Help Sol and Luna get back together and escape the tower through this local co-op platformer game!

How to play:
WASD to move Sol
ARROW KEYS to move Luna
R to restart level

Ryan Lu
Samantha Macaraniag
Kofi Quansah

Kyle Shieh

Tiffany Book
Jiahn Chung

Jared Acosta
Devon Mamawag


Download 59 MB


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New version of the game is up!

- Fixed issue with box in Level 1 where a mechanic is used that doesn't work in other levels.

- Fixed moving platforms so they don't reset when pressing the button again.

- Updated the levels both visually and in level design.

- Updated Tutorial and Credits screens so theme music still plays while looking at them.

- Removed Exit button since this a browser game so you can't really exit.

- Removed pause screen (for now) since they weren't working in other levels.

- Added a secret ending!

A little stuck. Not sure how to get Player 2 to the door. I feel like I'm supposed to move the second box ... but I don't know how. Feel like I'm missing something obvious :(

Great art and animation! Great concept. I'm a big fan of coop puzzlers :)